"Our restaurant (Fonda San Miguel) has discovered a new line of very fine jarritos &  glasses for high-end tequilas and mezcals. They are of the finest quality. Highly recommended!"
-Tom Gilliland (Austin, Texas)

        “I have been using the regular proof jarritos in many different settings and they are excellent. Enrique Fonseca, the owner of Fuenteseca and 3-4-5 tequilas really enjoyed them too, they were a hit. I look forward to doing more business with you after this current order!”
-Jacob Lustig, Haas Brothers/Las Joyas del Agave

        “I love the wider mouth and the overall sturdiness of the nosing glass/jarrito for premium strength agave spirits; it is a very versatile glass for all agave spirits. I personally found it to be the perfect vessel for mezcal, the aromas that were being released were amazing!”
-Jim Lannon, Agave Spirits Aficionado

       “I like drinking mezcal out of this premium strength agave spirits glass. I found that if I held it just a bit below my chin the aromas came through cleanly without any alcohol. And when sipped, I did not get a noseful of the alcohol either, so it brought forth the key attributes of the mezcal.”
-John McEvoy, http://mezcalphd.com

        “The regular strength glass/jarrito is an excellent tool for advanced sensorial analysis… It's similar to the Glencairn whisky glass for tasting aged tequilas, but in my opinion it is better for assessing the flavor of silver tequilas.”
-David Yan, Casa Noble Tequila

        “The Stölzle “Tequila” Nosing Jarrito is my preferred glass whether I’m sipping for myself or wanting to impress my guests with my favorite tequilas.”
-Shawn Miller, G4 Tequila

        "Thank you so much. I showed my daughter and her fiancé the [two "Old Vallarta" Riedel Tequila] glasses. The pair will be a wedding gift and they loved them.These handcrafted items are great gifts."
-Diane Hosmer (Austin, Texas)

        "We evaluated the Stölzle Regular Proof Jarrito with our tequila Alquimia 6-year Extra Añejo 80 Proof.  Upon pouring the tequila into the jarrito, we were impressed with the clarity and superior quality of the glass, which allowed us to properly appreciate the visual aspect of the tequila. Also, there was a marked absence of strong alcohol presence on the nose which gave us a delightful olfactory experience. On the actual tasting of the tequila, the shape of the Jarrito allowed for a very uniform flow of the spirit onto the palate, and to immediately appreciate the complexity of the flavors in the Extra Añejo. Overall, we were very impressed by the Jarrito tasting glass, and highly recommend it to all tequila aficionados."
-Dr. Adolfo Murillo, 09/26/2019

        "We evaluated the Stölzle High Proof Jarrito with our Alquimia Extra Añejo Reserva de Oro, aged 14 years, bottled at cask strength, 100 Proof. The effect was immediately noticeable on the nose. This jarrito dissipated the higher alcohol content, and allowed us to fully appreciate the full array of aromas in this very complex flavor profile. This same effect was very obvious upon tasting the tequila. Even at this higher proof, the many layers of flavors were introduced to the palate in a true organoleptic symphony. This glass is a must for enjoying a high proof agave spirits!"
-Dr. Adolfo Murillo, 09/27/2019