Every one of the tequila and mezcal drinking vessels offered by CTC Glasses is of heirloom quality, and by following a few simple rules it will last for generations. Always remember that the glass, the ceramic and the sterling silver are delicate materials, and store the pieces in a way that they do not touch one another. Carry only a few glasses at time instead of a bunch of them. Hand-wash the glasses with a rubber mat at the bottom of the sink, warm soapy water, and soft cloth, then dry immediately. To prevent tarnishing of the "Jarritos" sterling encasings, every 2-4 weeks gently polish them with a silversmith's cloth. 

      The mouth-blown glass and the ceramic pieces should be washed only by hand. We also recommend hand-washing for the lead-free crystal glasses, because the abrasive detergent and the high cleaning temperature in the dishwasher eventually will dull and etch them. If you must use a dishwasher follow these steps: (1) select the "crystal and china" setting; (2) use only half of the recommended amount of a mild detergent; (3) make sure there is enough space between the glasses since the vibration during the washing and rinsing cycles can cause chips and/or cracks; (4) after the wash-cycle has completed, dry each glass by hand using soft cloth.